Around 50 maths PhD students and PostDocs attended the information event today with many new solver sign-ups immediately after. 

It is great to see so much support for the Maths Helpdesk initiative from within the maths department!

  • When: Wednesday the 17th of August @12:30pm
  • Where: Huxley 340
  • Who: PhDs and Postdocs
  • What: Free food and a quick informal talk


The Maths Helpdesk team is happy to share with PhDs and Postdocs in the Mathematics Department more information on what the Maths Helpdesk is, how to benefit from it, and how to participate in it!


The Maths Helpdesk is a platform that will help researchers all over Imperial to connect with one another. Often researchers will face mathematical challenges beyond their scope of expertise but are manageable for mathematicians. By informing you which researcher has what query we hope to allow you to pick and chose problems that you find interesting and think you can help with.


Whether the problem is small or more ambitious, we have found that seizing these opportunities can broaden your skill set, increase your professional network, and can lead to publishable work. We hope to show you that these and other benefits can be found in the Maths Helpdesk.

So feel free to swing by Huxley 340 on the 17th of August for a lunch where we introduce the future plans of the Maths Helpdesk. Free pizza and refreshments will compliment this informal talk obviously!

We now have a new website! Please try it, and if any comments/questions/suggestions, drop us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

You can read here about the creation of the Imperial Maths Helpdesk in the latest edition of the SIAM UK & Ireland Newsletter.

Thank you everyone for attending the launch event for the Maths Helpdesk on 02/02/2016. With more than 100 people attending from across departments, it is safe to say that the event was a success. Since the creation of the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. we have received quite a few questions for our mathematicians and even a few questions from our mathematicians. We have recently matched 4 pairs of researchers from varying departments who are now tackling approximately 7 questions! We have many more questions from fellow PhD's that will be matched soon.

Here are some photos from the event; hopefully another one will be held soon :)