Thanks for the interesting questions and answers from the attendees at our first drop-in session! We are planning to hold these sessions each month and will send out emails to keep you updated.

And here are some pictures of the events:

Are you stuck with some maths in your research? Come to the Maths Helpdesk’s first Drop-in Session where you can get advice on your problem in person!
Over a free lunch provided by us, feel free to talk to our Solvers who can

  • solve your problem then and there
  • advise on how to approach it yourself
  • help you formulate your problem so you can post it to our website where other mathematicians in Imperial more familiar with the topic can find it and help you

Date: December 8, 2016
Time: 12-1pm
Location: Huxley 139

Thanks for the interesting discussions and feedback from the attendees at this year's Launch Event! We also had the opportunity to hear from Thomas Brain and his crowdsolve project (

Keep posting question and giving answers, we had over 20 questions so far with a third already answered!

And here are some pictures of the events:

Find out more and celebrate with us the 2016/2017 launch of the Maths Helpdesk!

Enjoy some free food and drinks with fellow researchers from inside and outside your department.

  • When: Monday, 7th November, 6pm
  • Where: Huxley Building, Level 3, Rooms 341/342

If you wish to attend the Launch event, please register in the form below so we can provide enough food and drink for you all!

See you there!

Around 50 maths PhD students and PostDocs attended the information event today with many new solver sign-ups immediately after. 

It is great to see so much support for the Maths Helpdesk initiative from within the maths department!