Tom McGrath is a PhD student in AMMP in the Mathematics department. His research is on stochastic models of behaviour and the physics of inference. He's been an enthusiastic supporter of the helpdesk since its launch and is excited to see it grow and help researchers across Imperial.

Michael Cornish is a 3rd year PhD student in the Fluids Group within the Mathematics Department. He is currently researching the stability of ferrohydrodynamic jets. As a previous member of the SIAM Student Chapter at Imperial, Michael worked to create a supportive and communal environment within the Imperial Mathematics Department. He now hopes to expand upon this ideal to all of Imperial College with the Maths HelpDesk!


Alexis Arnaudon is a Research Assistant in Applied Mathematics in the centre for Mathematics for Precision Healthcare. His PhD research was in the field of geometric mechanics with strong interests in integrable systems and stochastic analysis. Being a physicist by formation, he is keen in developing the Maths Helpdesk platform to make it a helpful and enjoyable tool for everybody!





Former members


Franca Hoffmann is a final year PhD student in Applied Mathematics co-supervised between Imperial College London and the Cambridge Centre of Analysis. She is interested in Applied Partial Differential Equations and how they can be applied to solve problems across science. She has been involved in numerous clubs and societies during her 7 years at Imperial College, most recently as President of the SIAM Student Chapter. In her spare time, she works as director and trustee for the non-profit SAMI, plays in classical music ensembles and likes to travel the word. She believes that the Maths HelpDesk initiative can have a real impact on the research community at Imperial College.


Isaac Gentle is currently in his 3rd year of completing a PhD in Chemical Engineering. He is researching sustainable hydrogen production through photo-electrochemical water splitting. He got involved with the Maths Helpdesk after reaching out for some advice on a mathematical problem and realised just how quickly things can get done when researchers collaborate!




Samuel Cooper has recently completed his PhD in materials for energy storage applications. His work focused on modeling diffusive transport at the nanoscale. In early 2015 he stumbled across what he suspected to be a new analytical solution to the diffusion equation, but had no idea how to prove this or build a neat derivation. After a few months of asking around, he was eventually lucky enough to come across Franca. Besides the concrete outcomes (one paper published and a second under construction) the collaboration was a hugely enjoyable and enriching experience, which should be more widespread in academia!



 Paul Beaumont is a final year PhD student in the Department of Computing, and before that, completed his MSci in Mathematics. He's here mainly because he knows how the support system is coded, but is also willing to try help out on any questions to do with Bayesian Networks or Game Theory (if he can!).