The ticket system that we are using is called HESK, and is very easy to use. Nevertheless, here is some advice that you should follow in order to simplify things for you and for us.

Ticket management:

  • When you have a new account, change your password
  • Have also a look at the email preferences, and choose how often you want to get spammed, this is in Profile->Notifications.
  • You can view all submitted problems and comment on them. If you are the first one to reply, you will be assigned this ticket. If you don't want that, just un-click "Assign this ticket to myself".
  • If you want take on a problem, assign it to yourself, and mark the problem as 'in progress'. You can find the author's email directly underneath the title of the question. Please get in touch with him via email and arrange a meeting.
  • If you took on a problem, and you feel you can't help the author, or you don't have enough time to continue working on it, please mark the problem as 'waiting reply'.
  • If a problem is marked 'resolved', it means the problem has been solved, and no further comments will be needed. Only chose this once the question is really solved! 


  • Meet up with the author as soon as you can! Often you can be very helpful just discussing with the author, even if you don't understand what the problem is exactly about. When talking to the author, it will all start to make more sense.
  • Don't be afraid of taking on problems outside your subject area! Often a problem turns out to go in a very different direction than what it first seems. You may be used to working with mathematicians that are experts in areas that you don't know much about. But compared to many researchers in other departments, your maths knowledge on these areas will be rather advanced.

Good solver etiquette:

  • Don't keep a problem for too long if you are not working on it.
  • If you know someone who would be a better fit as a solver for a problem, feel free to get in touch with that person and pass the problem on.