Often researchers need advice or assistance with a specific mathematical concept such as mathematical analysis or modeling for their work but do not know who precisely to turn to. That’s where we come in. The Maths Helpdesk is a platform connecting researchers across departments at Imperial College London.

We connect any researcher with a mathematical question to those in the Mathematics Department who can help solve their query. Through this website, researchers can submit their problems and mathematicians can sign up to help. The questions may range from those with quick solutions to those that lead to fruitful, long-term collaborations. 

Typically, one of the largest challenges in collaborating across fields is translating technical jargon and formulating the research concept. To give an opportunity to address this we also hold informal Monthly Drop-in Sessions where problem authors can receive advice on how to best express their problem by explaining their question directly to a mathematician. Shorter questions may even be solved then and there. Moreover, these relaxed sessions serve as an opportunity to meet researchers from various departments. The first step to collaboration is finding your collaborator!

Follow our blog for upcoming events and stories of the connections we are building.To find out more about the Maths Helpdesk Team, or to contact a member, visit the Team Page.

We hope we can be of some help with your research!

The Maths Helpdesk team 

Important Information: If you are seeking help from us with a maths problem, please keep the following in mind: 

  • We are not a professional consultancy, but maths PhDs with busy life and schedules who do their best to help you. It may happen that we are not able to match or solve a problem, but we will try.
  • It may take a few days until we can get back to you depending on who’s free.
  • The main aim of the Maths Helpdesk is to match people for mutually beneficial collaborations. If we matched you with someone who has made helpful contributions to your research, please consider including him/her in any resulting publications.
  • If you figured out the answer to your problem after sending a request, if you are no longer interested in the answer or have changed focus, please let us know by writing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Feedback and ideas are always appreciated to help us improve the running of the Maths Helpdesk.

Acknowledgment:  We are grateful to the Imperial College Maths Department and the Imperial College Graduate School for their support.  The Maths Helpdesk is currently funded by Imperial College's Vice-Provost (Research). We also thank Anderson Santos for the kind administrative support.